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You're damn right I'm competitive. See, that's what makes me a good doctor - I want to win at everything every day, and you should, too.Turk  ("My Way or the Highway")

Dr. Christopher Duncan Turk, MD, commonly known mononymously as simply Turk, is the Chief of Surgery at New Sacred Heart Hospital and is currently teaching courses at Winston University. He has been J.D.'s best friend since college, and the two started as interns at Sacred Heart on the same day. On that day, he met his eventual wife Carla Espinosa, with whom he has Isabella "Izzy" Turk and a second unnamed daughter. He is good friends with colleagues Elliot Reid and Dr. Cox, with whom he is still competitive. The Janitor used to harass him occasionally, and Dr. Kelso's rules used to bother him, but because he is so easy going, things rarely get to him.

Turk is portrayed by Donald Faison who is tied with John C. McGinley for appearing in the most episodes of Scrubs at 178. He appeared in both the pilot and the series finale. It is assumed he is still working at New Sacred Heart and Winston U.


7x5 JD Turk give thumbs up

J.D. and Turk in college ("My Growing Pains").

Before interning at Sacred Heart, Turk attended medical school with his lifetime best friend J.D.. They met as roommates and decided to choose Sacred Heart together. As an intern, he showed talent from Day One. ("My First Day") He met his future wife Carla Espinosa on his first day ("My First Day"). Turk is about 35 or 36 years old in Season 9. After interning, Turk became a resident, and by his fifth year at Sacred Heart he was an attending surgeon. In his eighth year at the Californian hospital, Turk was promoted by Dr. Cox to the position of Chief of Surgery when most of the workers at Sacred Heart praised his abilities ("My Cuz").


Turk celebrating after a successful surgery. ("My Best Moment")

Although he's a surgeon, Turk doesn't fully embrace the "jock-like" status typically displayed by people such as The Todd. After recognizing the common signs, Turk is diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. ("My Cake") He has also had one testicle removed due to Izzy having accidentally kicked him in the crotch, resulting in testicular torsion ("My Manhood"). He is very competitive in his career and in activities such as basketball. Turk strives to be the best in all that he does at work, at being a friend, and at being a family member to his wife, daughter or immediate family. His immediate family includes his mother, Margaret Turk, brother Kevin Turk, Jabbari Turk, cousins Nfume Turk, George Turk and Shedaisy Turk. Turk has lived with J.D. and Rowdy, but currently lives with Carla in his and J.D.'s old apartment. He and Carla are proud parents of a growing family which includes Isabella.

As a professor at Winston University, Turk is a little zany. He knows that his students must sit through whatever he is going to put them through so he liked to have a little fun. ("Our First Day of School")



Turk and J.D. singing. ("My Way or the Highway")


Not including his family, Turk's main love is J.D.. They have even vocally pronounced their love inside Sacred Heart (Guy Love)  ("My Musical"). J.D. and Turk met on their first day of college, when they were paired to be roommates. They have been best friends through college and medical school, and even ended up at Sacred Heart together. They both share many similar interests, including music styles, dancing, Rowdy, robots, and sports. They rarely get on each other's nerves, but they can get so busy that they forget to schedule time for each other. When they do get to hang out, they normally play some sort of silly game or do something goofy. They have affectionate nicknames for each other, including "Chocolate Bear" and "Vanilla Bear" based upon their skin colors, and are often referred to as a "couple." There have been certain points where Turk is uncomfortable by the status of their relationship. ("My Journey") ("My Comedy Show")

2x15 Turk proposes

Turk proposes. ("His Story")

Carla Espinosa[]

Carla Espinosa is the person Turk loves the most. They have been married for over four years, and both love their daughters. They currently live in the apartment that J.D. and Turk moved into at the start of their first year at Sacred Heart. Turk and Carla met on Turk's first day, and the relationship started soon after ("My First Day"). Despite hitting rough spots when Carla delayed accepting his proposal and moved out after learning he kept contact with a college girlfriend who he didn't inform of his marriage, the couple have been the longest-running love relationship in Sacred Heart. Turk gets upset at times that Carla is a mother first and a wife second, but in the end the two always find time for each other ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2").

8x5 Turk Elliot

Turk and Elliot talk about a patient. ("My ABC's")

Elliot Reid[]

Turk and Elliot Reid are good friends and Turk is usually one of the first people to inform Elliot if she is acting crazy. Turk met Elliot their first day at Sacred Heart. Turk and Elliot have never had a romantic or sexual relationship, but Turk has had a sex dream about Elliot. Even though she finds Turk as childish as J.D., Elliot considers him a good surgeon and friend and she trusts him.

Dr. Cox[]


Dr. Cox intimidating Turk. ("My Drug Buddy")

Dr. Perry Cox and Turk are usually tense around each other, most likely due to the fact that Dr. Cox went out on a horrible date with Carla (before Turk was an intern) but still had feelings for her. However, Cox still cares for Carla, and because of that they are forced to try to get along. Even though they can't stand each other, they often play games and compete with each other ("His Story III") ("My Number One Doctor"). The two have also been able to connect with each other by both of them being fathers. There have been times when Turk has tried to earn Dr. Cox's approval and respect, although not fanatically like J.D. does. Dr. Cox once called Turk the best surgeon in Sacred Heart. Perry gave Turk the promotion to Chief of Surgery, further cementing his assessment of Turk's abilities. The two are also both professors at Winston U and can hang out at the bar over beer and sports.

3x15 Turk Todd

Todd asking for a high five. ("My Tormented Mentor")

Todd Quinlan[]

Turk puts up with the antics of Todd "The Todd" Quinlan, but also reminds him when he crosses the line. The Todd and Turk are both surgeons who met on their first day ("My First Day"). Turk has been the recipient of many of Todd's high-fives.

Denise Mahoney[]

Denise Mahoney is Turk's new work best friend. Although Turk doesn't see much of Denise when she is an intern, she was occasionally his teacher's assistant when he was a professor at Winston University. After J.D. left Winston for good, Turk slowly began to see similarities between himself and Denise as he interviewed candidates for a new best friend. They finally became work friends when they steal Eileene from radiology's birthday cake and eat it together.

Personality Profile[]


7x6 White Lightning!

Turk often plays basketball ("My Number One Doctor")

8x17 Turk Carla
  • Bandannas / Do-rags
  • Basketball
  • Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner)
  • Celebrating with Victory Dances
  • Cheese
  • Christmas
  • Competing
  • Dancing
  • Donuts
  • Feet (girls', presumably)
  • His Catholic faith (wears a cross, went through a crisis of faith during a hectic Christmas Eve)
  • His mole above his upper lip (aka "tickle button")
  • His N'sync - "Bye Bye Bye" Ringtone
  • Hot Wings
  • Marmaduke
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Michael Jordan
  • Neil Diamond
  • Pizza Bites
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Pork Chops ("Our New Girl-Bro")
  • Remote Wrestling
  • Rowdy
  • Sanford & Son
  • Sausages ("My Saving Grace")
  • Sex
  • The Smurfs
  • SportsCenter ("My Nah Nah Nah")
  • Steak/Ribs
  • Steak Night ("My Last Words")
  • Telling J.D when he has sex
  • The Brady Bunch
  • The Jeffersons
  • The name Fuquan
  • Tyra Banks
  • The "Upstairs" bump
  • Webster


3x22 Turk Carla
5x18 Turk Carla
  • Bedtimes ("Her Story")
  • Being singled out solely for being black
  • Being thought of as a sexist
  • The "Downstairs" bump
  • Erasure
  • Feeling vulnerable or talking about certain feelings
  • Having anything he owns or himself being called "Girly"
  • Having to compromise his beliefs.
  • Holding the pannus aka fat flaps.
  • Hugging ("My Fallen Idol")
  • Internment Camps ("My Jerks")
  • J.D. telling people that his middle name is Duncan (Dunkin') because his dad liked donuts.
  • The Iraq War
  • Masturbation (which he has only done twice) ("My Dirty Secret")
  • The Matrix trilogy
  • Not getting to be the top of "The World's Most Giant Doctor."
  • Orange people ("My House")
  • People talking about his momma (he'll punch you in the head) ("My ABC's")
  • When white people "ruin everything," specifically ebonic catchphrases.
  • Working on his birthday



("My Transition")

Full list: Turk's nicknames
  • J.D. often calls Turk "Chocolate Bear", a term of endearment regarding the fact that he is as powerful and lovable as a bear while also referring to his race. This has several variations.
  • Dr. Cox often calls Turk "Gandhi", mocking him for being bald and "so giving".
  • Dr. Kelso believed that Turk's real name was "Turk Turkleton" and hasn't cared enough to correct, nor does he believe that his name really isn't Turkleton.



Turk is a member of The Cool Cats ("My Half-Acre")

9x5 JD Turk in patients room
  • Turk is only known by last name Turk , but is sometimes called by his first name, Christopher, by Carla, Dan, and JD.
  • Turk pulled out his hair when J.D. forgot the tickets to a Michael Jordan NBA basketball game back in college. ("My Fault")
  • Turk's phone number is (916)-CALL-TUR.
  • Turk stated that he has the ability to communicate telepathically with J.D.
  • His ability to dance and lip sync earned him a spot in the Air Band with Janitor, Ted and Lloyd called The Cool Cats.
  • Turk and J.D. attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. This is where creator Bill Lawrence went.
  • He has a white alter-ego named Cal Turk who is an insurance agent and loves milk.
  • Turk is able to tell when two people are having sex by watching how they interact.
  • T.J. Hall plays a young Turk in "My Fifteen Minutes".
  • Turk is a Democrat ("My Way Home") and strongly opposes the Iraq War ("His Story IV").
  • Turk learns Spanish for Carla. ("My Bad Too")
  • Turk knows a little French also. (All he can say is "I have an Eiffel Tower in my pants" and "grapefruit")
  • Turk has a tendency to go off into emotional rants whenever he feels he has been slighted in some way.
  • Turk is very competitive, often making his opponent say "I'm your bitch/beeotch" when they lose to him.
  • Chris Turk is named after a medical consultant for the show, John Turk, as are J.D. and Molly Clock.
  • When he was 17 he still had a bedtime, but on weekends, he didn't have to be in bed by 11:00 pm, but he had to be in his room which, according to J.D., is way cooler.
  • Turk is 1/8 Japanese. ("My Jerks")
  • According to Dr. Cox in "J.D.'s Sitcom Fantasy," Turk is the 20th best basketball player in a predominantly-white hospital. ("My Life in Four Cameras") He has already been shown having been beaten by Lonnie and Dr. Cox.
  • Turk has a reflex where he will give a back body drop to anyone who attempts to hug him.
  • Turk's voice is always higher when he's nude. ("My Own Personal Hell")
  • Turk's mom is a Jehova's Witness.
  • Turk's first girlfriend was Chantal and it is mentioned that J.D. later had sex with her. ("My Roommates")
  • According to J.D., he was named Christopher Duncan Turk because his dad loved doughnuts. ("My Fault")
  • Turk named both of his testicles Lamont and Grady. He had to have Lamont removed when Izzy kicked him in the groin which gave him testicular torsion. ("My Manhood")
  • Turk is allergic to shellfish.
  • Turk is not allowed to have sex dreams about Carla because they get too freaky.
  • Before being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Turk can be seen "drinking" sugar. ("His Story")
  • Turk's lucky doo-rag is red and styled with the Tabasco logo.
  • Turk and Drew Suffin are Nachbros.
  • Turk is right-handed.

Common Quotes[]

8x16 Turk Janitor
That's what I'm talking 'bout!


...and go to town on that bad boy!


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