Cheryl Hines plays Paige Cox on Scrubs.


Hines was born in Florida and began her acting career by getting involved with theater when she was in high school. Hines attended both West Virginia University and Florida State University, but graduated from the University of Central Florida. Hines moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, and soon performed at The Groundlings Theater. She then began writing for the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, which earned her an Emmy nomination. Cheryl is married to Paul Young, and they have a daughter Catherine.

Cheryl can be seen in episodes of Suddenly Susan, Reno 911!, and Friends. She can be heard in the animated series Father of the Pride, but is best well known for her role in Curb Your Enthusiasm. On the big screen, Cheryl can be seen in Along Came Polly, Henry Poole Is Here, and The Grand.

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