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The following are transcripts from Season Six of Scrubs.


1. "My Mirror Image" transcript
2. "My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby" transcript
3. "My Coffee" transcript
4. "My House" transcript
5. "My Friend with Money" transcript
6. "My Musical" transcript
7. "His Story IV" transcript
8. "My Road to Nowhere" transcript

  9. "My Perspective" transcript
10. "My Therapeutic Month" transcript
11. "My Night to Remember" transcript
12. "My Fishbowl" transcript
13. "My Scrubs" transcript
14. "My No Good Reason" transcript
15. "My Long Goodbye" transcript
16. "My Words of Wisdom" transcript

17. "Their Story" transcript
18. "My Turf War" transcript
19. "My Cold Shower" transcript
20. "My Conventional Wisdom" transcript
21. "My Rabbit" transcript
22. "My Point of No Return" transcript

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