The following are transcripts from Season Four of Scrubs.


1. "My Old Friend's New Friend" transcript
2. "My Office" transcript
3. "My New Game" transcript
4. "My First Kill" transcript
5. "Her Story" transcript
6. "My Cake" transcript
7. "My Common Enemy" transcript
8. "My Last Chance" transcript
9. "My Malpractical Decision" transcript

10. "My Female Trouble" transcript
11. "My Unicorn" transcript
12. "My Best Moment" transcript
13. "My Ocardial Infarction" transcript
14. "My Lucky Charm" transcript
15. "My Hypocritical Oath" transcript
16. "My Quarantine" transcript
17. "My Life in Four Cameras" transcript
18. "My Roommates" transcript

19. "My Best Laid Plans" transcript
20. "My Boss's Free Haircut" transcript
21. "My Lips Are Sealed" transcript
22. "My Big Move" transcript
23. "My Faith in Humanity" transcript
24. "My Drive-By" transcript
25. "My Changing Ways" transcript

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