The following are transcripts from Season Three of Scrubs.


1. "My Own American Girl" transcript
2. "My Journey" transcript
3. "My White Whale" transcript
4. "My Lucky Night" transcript
5. "My Brother, Where Art Thou?" transcript
6. "My Advice to You" transcript
7. "My Fifteen Seconds" transcript
8. "My Friend the Doctor" transcript

  9. "My Dirty Secret" transcript
10. "My Rule of Thumb" transcript
11. "My Clean Break" transcript
12. "My Catalyst" transcript
13. "My Porcelain God" transcript
14. "My Screw Up" transcript
15. "My Tormented Mentor" transcript
16. "My Butterfly" transcript

17. "My Moment of Un-Truth" transcript
18. "His Story II" transcript
19. "My Choosiest Choice of All" transcript
20. "My Fault" transcript
21. "My Self-Examination" transcript
22. "My Best Friend's Wedding" transcript

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