The following are transcripts from Season Two of Scrubs.


1. "My Overkill" transcript
2. "My Nightingale" transcript
3. "My Case Study" transcript
4. "My Big Mouth" transcript
5. "My New Coat" transcript
6. "My Big Brother" transcript
7. "My First Step" transcript
8. "My Fruit Cups" transcript

  9. "My Lucky Day" transcript
10. "My Monster" transcript
11. "My Sex Buddy" transcript
12. "My New Old Friend" transcript
13. "My Philosophy" transcript
14. "My Brother, My Keeper" transcript
15. "His Story" transcript
16. "My Karma" transcript

17. "My Own Private Practice Guy" transcript
18. "My T.C.W." transcript
19. "My Kingdom" transcript
20. "My Interpretation" transcript
21. "My Drama Queen" transcript
22. "My Dream Job" transcript

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