The following are transcripts from Season One of Scrubs.


1. "My First Day" transcript
2. "My Mentor" transcript
3. "My Best Friend's Mistake" transcript
4. "My Old Lady" transcript
5. "My Two Dads" transcript
6. "My Bad" transcript
7. "My Super Ego" transcript
8. "My Fifteen Minutes" transcript

 9. "My Day Off" transcript
10. "My Nickname" transcript
11. "My Own Personal Jesus" transcript
12. "My Blind Date" transcript
13. "My Balancing Act" transcript
14. "My Drug Buddy" transcript
15. "My Bed Banter & Beyond" transcript
16. "My Heavy Meddle" transcript

17. "My Student" transcript
18. "My Tuscaloosa Heart" transcript
19. "My Old Man" transcript
20. "My Way or the Highway" transcript
21. "My Sacrificial Clam" transcript
22. "My Occurrence" transcript
23. "My Hero" transcript
24. "My Last Day" transcript

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