Private Brian Dancer was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Brian Dancer is a private in the U.S. Army who was wounded by an IED to the head and suffers from short term memory loss. His serving in Iraq sparks arguments among the staff members and creates a bond with Dr. Kelso. ("His Story IV") Later, he sets a goal to be able to write his name in a month and strikes up a deal with J.D. that he'll stick with therapy if J.D. asks his therapist, Anne Chase, out on a date. ("My Therapeutic Month")

He was to go into surgery when Turk admits to Brian that he was in fact an average student, and subsequently replaces Turk with Dr. Radovicnouizicioiuizcinicizich'l. Later, Turk gets a second chance when Brian forgets that he replaced Turk for his surgery. Turk maintains his answer and Brian keeps him on as his surgeon. ("My Perspective")

When rejected from the Army, he attempts suicide through overdosing and challenges everyone to be truthful with each other. In the end, Elliot makes him promise he'll see a therapist and they share a kiss. ("My Fishbowl")


I have a fiberglass skull...

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