The Brain Trust Official Flag ("My Waste of Time")

The Brain Trust is a team of Sacred Heart Hospital employees who come together to offer the Janitor advice. Quite often these pieces of advice are of no help. Janitor claims they meet tri-daily.



A meeting in Coffee Bucks.("My Manhood")

The Brain Trust has had several members over its existence. The leader used to be Kyle but in the Battle of the Basement Supply Closet, the Janitor took control. ("My Waste of Time") Margo, Randall, Troy and the Janitor were the original members under the title "Brain Trust." Earlier, Janitor, Margo, Troy and Brent met and had a similar unnamed partnership. ("My Brother, My Keeper") The original Brain Trust disbanded when the Janitor was upset that all he ever got was "tugboats and arson". Janitor says he likes to only have a four-man brain trust, so members come and go always keeping the count at three. This is also a by-law. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1") Ted, Todd, and Doug Murphy are the current team. Lloyd Slawski also had a try-out (briefly replacing Doug for two meetings) but wasn't accepted after suggesting the Brain Trust rob a house, and for not knowing who Elliot was. ("My Point of No Return") Doug was once again replaced by Sunny because the Janitor thought Doug gave him a dirty look, so he was suspended, even though "he was a good 100 yards away". (Our Meeting with the Braintrust) Sunny was invited because she has a video camera and can therefore record the goings-on of the Brain Trust.

8x15 International Brain Trust

The second international Brain Trust meeting. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")

Of all current Brain Trust members, Doug Murphy is the most expendable as he has been replaced twice, but he is shown to be a competent member, giving adequate suggestions to the Janitor for his wedding gift to Elliot. When Lloyd faked his own death to hide from his bookies, Doug was re-instated "permanently", or at least until they found someone else. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1") In the Bahamas, during the second international Brain Trust meeting, Ira stepped in as the fourth person. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2") The Brain Trust members all have special pagers that tell them when they are meeting. According to Janitor, the Brain Trust is a "dictatorship masquerading as a democracy". ("My Waste of Time") Janitor also claims that voting is "largely ceremonial" and he has the ultimate power to decide matters. "Brain Trust" is also a registered trademark and the rights to the name is owned by Janitor. ("My Chief Concern")

Brain Bunch

After Dr. Kelso left Sacred Heart Hospital, Janitor claimed Kelso's office for the Brain Trust, named the "Brain House", and restored Ted's confidence. When Janitor reminded the members of the Brain Trust that Tuesday night was their night to clean the hospital, Ted got upset and broke with Doug into his own "Brain Bunch". Janitor didn't want to be stuck with Todd so he and Ted swapped Doug for Todd. Janitor realized that his Brain Trust was nothing with only 2 members, so he made some concessions and allowed Ted to have a night to play cards instead of cleaning the hospital. ("My Waste of Time")


The Brain Trust


Former Members

Sonja Dey

Meeting Topics and Members Involved


The original Brain trust having their final meeting. ("My Best Laid Plans")

7x10 Brain Trust meeting

A meeting in their new HQ: Dr. Kelso's office. ("My Waste of Time")

7x10 Brain Trust history

The Brain Trust history. ("My Waste of Time")

Our Meeting with the Braintrust

Sunny joins the Brain Trust. ("Our Meeting with the Braintrust")

  • Taking good care of J.D. as a favor for Dr. Townshend. ("My Brother, My Keeper")
    • Janitor, Margo, Troy, Brent
  • How to cover for Janitor's failure of a coffee date with Elliot, which leads to the formation of Hibbleton. ("My Ocardial Infarction")
    • Janitor, Troy, Randall
  • Ideas on how to get Elliot to go out with the Janitor. ("My Best Laid Plans")
    • Janitor, Randall, Troy, Margo
    • Due to the Trust's predictable and extreme ideas, Janitor finds a new Brain Trust: Janitor, Ted, Doug, Todd
  • Gift Ideas for Elliot's Wedding. ("My Point of No Return")
    • Janitor, Ted, Todd, Lloyd
  • Making sure Keith will be a good husband to Elliot. ("My Point of No Return")
    • Janitor, Ted, Todd, Lloyd and Doug snuck in to listen
  • Filming of the Janitor's and Ted's sitcom, Legal Custodians. (Our Meeting with the Braintrust)
    • Janitor, Ted, Todd, Sunny
  • To reinstate Doug into the Brain Trust, and to give Ted the responsibility of handing out Janitor's wedding invitations. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")
    • Janitor, Ted, Todd, Doug/Lloyd alternatively
  • To organize Janitor's wedding in the Bahamas. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")
    • Janitor, Ted, Todd, Ira
  • To discuss if Ted should move in with the Gooch. ("My Chief Concern")
    • Janitor, Ted, Todd, Jimmy


8x14 Brain trust

The Brain Trust discusses Doug. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")

  • The first mention of a "brain trust" is in the episode "My Super Ego". Dr. Kelso calls J.D., Nick, and Elliot a "brain trust".
  • The Janitor allegedly has a copyright on the Brain Trust logo.
  • Although the Janitor likes to have a three man Brain-Trust, both his old group and new group watch as the Janitor's van is destroyed by Dr. Cox. ("My Best Laid Plans")
    • After this incident, the Janitor fires Ted, Doug, and the Todd, and reinstates Troy and Randall. However, the original Brain Trust members never have another Brain Trust meeting as a group
  • The Brain Trust creates a newsletter for the hospital called the Janitorial. The newspaper has a wide readership and is effective for spreading Janitor's opinions. ("My Manhood")
  • Cheap Trick was hired to play at the Brain Trust's picnic. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")
  • The Brain Trust met in 2003 in Guatemala, according to the Janitor. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")

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