Boon was one of J.D.'s interns at Sacred Heart Hospital.


As most interns, Boon was nervous during the beginning of his studies at Sacred Heart, and Dr. Cox forced him to be assertive with patients, but later went back on his word and wouldn't let Boon touch his daughter. ("My Hard Labor") Days later, Dr. Cox was upset when Boon attempted to hand him scalding hot coffee, and made him suffer by making him feeding Dr. Cox the coffee while holding onto the scalding hot cup. ("My Inconvenient Truth")

Boon is also found useful by people around Sacred Heart for things other than medical. J.D. and Turk use him to play the mothership in their real-life adaptation of "Space Invaders" ("My Bad Too"). When Dr. Kelso wants to think about his past 40 years at Sacred Heart, he forces Boon to listen for several hours. When he finally lets him leave, Boon asks if his next 20 years at Sacred Heart will be a nightmare, and Dr. Kelso responds that he will love it. ("My Dumb Luck")


  • Boon's father is a lawyer.
  • He is often forced to speak in place of Josephine when talking to Dr. Cox.
  • Boon is spelt backwards as Noob (An alternate version of "newbie" popular in video gaming contexts).
  • Boon appeared in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart. ("My Finale")

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