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Dr. Bonnie Chang is a surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Bonnie and Turk entered as surgical interns in the same year. They participated in several surgeries together, including David Morrison's. ("My Old Lady") Later that year, she was assigned a Whipple patient that Turk wanted. When Turk approached Dr. Wen about it, he ended up insulting both Bonnie and Dr. Wen by making a comment about them both being Asian. ("My Hero")

Later, Dr. Wen confirms to Turk that Bonnie is the best surgical resident at Sacred Heart. When Dr. Kelso picks Turk to go to Mexico for Doctors without Borders, Bonnie is upset and Turk rubs it in her face. Dr. Wen then tells Turk that she wasn't chosen because she is a woman, and Turk apologized and gave the trip to the Todd. ("My Big Mouth")


  • Though she isn't seen past Season Two, her name is listed on the surgical residents list shown in Season Five, which revealed her last name to be "Chang." ("My Extra Mile")
  • In Season One, the actress's real last name Lee is written on the surgery board next to the Whipple Procedure. ("My Hero")
  • On the Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald podcast, showrunner Bill Lawrence stated that Bonnie was slated to be a rival to Turk but the actress left the show to star in the Tremors series.

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