Betty was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Betty was carried into Sacred Heart by her neighbor Jake. She had been at Sacred Heart nineteen times previous, with J.D. being her assigned physician. She did not remember him, but vividly remembered the one time she met Jake. After her lungs collapsed, J.D. made the diagnosis that she would either have to live on a breathing machine or he could make her as comfortable as possible before she passed away. She wanted to talk with Jake about it, so J.D. chased him down in the parking lot and convinced him to talk to her. She decided to opt out of the breathing machine. Minutes later, Betty's brother Dennis appeared and claimed he was going to sue Jake for talking Betty into choosing death. Betty slipped into a coma so they couldn't clear her will with Dennis, so J.D. told Jake to leave without before getting caught in the legal battle. He came back and stood up to Dennis, who dropped his threat. ("My Faith in Humanity") It is assumed she has passed on.

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