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You know something? You have slept with both of my sisters. That means you and I have something in common.Ben Sullivan  ("My Screw Up")

Ben Sullivan was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital and the brother of Jordan and Danni Sullivan.


Cox and Ben ("My Screw Up")

Ben Sullivan is Jordan Sullivan's brother and despite Dr. Cox having divorced his sister, he and Cox are very close. He is an avid photographer, but dislikes staged photographs, as he says they are not natural, preferring to take candid shots.

Ben's injury. ("My Occurrence")

Upon a visit to Sacred Heart due to a board that got nailed through his hand, Dr. Cox and J.D. diagnosed Ben with leukemia. J.D. didn't want to believe the news so he retraced his steps, but no matter how many times he re-ran the tests, they all came back positive for leukemia and he had to break the news to Ben and Perry. ("My Occurrence")

J.D. thought Ben was depressed at learning he had leukemia when he couldn't find him in his room, but he was found playing with the children in the pediatric ward. Dr. Cox remained optimistic of Ben's condition, and enrolled Dr. Zeltzer, Sacred Heart's best oncologist, to start Ben on chemotherapy immediately. Ben went through his first chemo session with Jordan by his side, and J.D. tried to confront Perry to support his friend. In the end, Dr. Cox was supporting Ben before J.D. could find him to chew him out. ("My Hero")

Ben returns to Sacred Heart. ("My Screw Up")

Upon returning for Jack's first birthday about 2 years later, it was discovered that Ben had failed to have his leukemia checked up on, and he passed away due to cardiac arrest. Once Perry was notified of his death, he had taken it poorly and blatantly blamed J.D. for Ben's passing. Bitter from the news, he refused to acknowledge that Ben had actually died which resulted in him imagining Ben following him around the hospital. At Ben's funeral, Perry finally accepts that Ben has passed on and mourned him with J.D., Jordan and Danni. ("My Screw Up")


Ben and Jordan

Jordan and Danni

As their brother, he had a good relationship with Jordan and Danni, even joking to have slept with each of them. When Perry Cox and Jordan got divorced Ben was forced to choose between the two, which Cox later apologizes for and Ben tells him not to flatter himself.

Ben and Cox play "Gay Chicken". ("My Screw Up")

Dr. Cox

Perry Cox and Ben had a very good friendship, with Perry calling Ben his best friend. Perry initially struggled with the thought of losing Ben because they were such good friends and couldn't sit through Ben's chemotherapy sessions. The friendship stayed strong even when the two had not seen each other for a long time. Even when Perry hated Jordan, he was still close to Ben and was extremely distraught when Ben passed away.

Personality Profile

Ben hates staged photos. ("My Occurrence")

Ben starts chemo. ("My Hero")

("My Hero")


  • His camera
  • Tonka truck toys
  • Taking candid photos
  • Making weird comments
  • Annoying Jordan
  • Scaring people.
  • Spinning people on his back
  • "Gay Chicken," a game in which Dr. Cox and Ben see who can come the closest to kissing the other without pulling away. Ben is the self proclaimed "King of Gay Chicken."


  • Staged photographs
  • Underpants



  • He shares J.D.'s talent of identifying what films actresses appear naked in.
  • According to Jordan, all the girls who came to their house in the mid 80s know how Ben feels about underwear because apparently Ben wore stretchy pants.
  • Ben's camera shortly before his death was a Holgaroid; a Holga camera modified to have a Polaroid back. Previously in the series one he had a Polaroid 450.
  • Both of the two times he appears in the show (once in the two-parter My Occurrence and My Hero, once in My Screwup), one of the main characters loses contact with reality. First, J.D. imagines himself following up on the leukemia diagnosis with finding out that it was a mistake. Later, after Bens death, Dr. Cox imagines Ben still being alive and following him around.

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