Ben Coleman was a patient at New Sacred Heart Hospital.


At the hospital he was befriend by Lucy she took a liking to him right away, and tried to give her some of his grapes, much to the anger of Dr. Cox. Ben gave Lucy a little bit of courage that she could make it as a doctor. Later, in the morgue, Lucy discovered Ben had passed away and he was her cadaver. ("Our First Day of School")

Ben's body is used in the anatomy lab at Winston University. Lucy, Cole, and Drew are assigned to dissect his heart, but Lucy remembers that he was her friend and she can't bring herself to cut him open. In the end Lucy is taught by Turk that what seems like hurting someone is actually good for them, such as cutting them open for an autopsy or putting them through surgery. ("Our Stuff Gets Real")

When it came time for Lucy Bennett and the other medical students to write thank-you speeches to the families of their cadavers, Lucy had a problem rallying her friends. Eventually, she stormed off and decided to write it herself. She research things about him, including that he was the presidents of a dry-cleaners organization for three years in the 1970s, and that he was an excellent bowler. However, when she met Ben's son Eric, she found out that he was a terrible father to Eric. She re-wrote the speech to thank Ben for how he helped her education, rather than praising his life. ("Our Thanks")

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