Baxter was an Australian Shepherd dog that was owned by Bob Kelso.


Dr. Kelso was very fond of his dog Baxter, and he often spoke about him to various staff members of Sacred Heart. Kelso often spoke with more affection for his dog than his wife. Once, Bob brought him to a vet clinic and Elliot and Carla were moonlighting. He later brought Baxter in to the hospital to confront the ladies, and Baxter won an intelligence competition against Ted because Ted didn't know which hand was his 'left' and Baxter did. ("My Brother, Where Art Thou?")

Baxter's death left Dr. Kelso devastated. ("My Chopped Liver")


  • Baxter ate the lower half of Ted's right hamstring causing him to have thigh reconstructive surgery. ("My New Role")
  • When Baxter goes winkle on the carpet he always heads right straight away from the tool shed, even though he and Dr. Kelso both know that's where he'll be spending the night. ("My Nightingale")
  • Baxter is Ken Jenkins's pet in real life which he brought to the set.
  • Baxter lost one of his ears to a giant bat that was in Kelso's attic. ("My Common Enemy")


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