Barbara Dorian is J.D. and Dan Dorian's mother. Her maiden name is Hobbs (Revealed in one episode when J.D claims that Nana Hobbs is "an incy bit racist").


Barbara putting J.D. to bed. ("My Self-Examination")

Barbara was the wife of the deceased Sam Dorian. After they divorced when J.D was seven, she began "marrying everyone that rang the doorbell."


She had an intimate relationship with a young J.D. She calls him the "smartest, handsomest, sweetest boy in the whole world." ("My Self-Examination")


  • Danni mistakes her for one of J.D.'s girlfriends in "My Choosiest Choice of All".
  • She drank a lot in the past. ("My Last Words")
  • J.D.'s maternal grandmother's last name is Hobbs which means Barbara's maiden name should be Hobbs. However in "My Hero", after reading J.D's journal, Janitor says that her maiden name is Turner and it is not disputed by J.D.. It is possible, considering the history of maternal instability in the Dorian family, that Nana Hobbs also divorced and remarried.

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