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You taste like old eggs.Alex

Oh my god I'm so sorry.J.D.
I love old eggs.  ("My Drug Buddy")

Alex Hanson was a social worker at Sacred Heart Hospital who dated J.D..


Alex is a social worker who slips at Sacred Heart Hospital, after which Dr. Kelso assigns J.D. to keep her company so that she doesn't sue the hospital. J.D. uses his friendly charm on her and she reciprocates but because she is in the MRI machine, he never sees her face and struggles with the possibility of her being an "uggo." Eventually he decides to take a chance and ask her out. As he runs into the room to ask her out, her MRI is just finishing. J.D. stops the machine so that he doesn't see her face before asking. She says yes. ("My Blind Date") While they are dating, J.D. finds it hard to balance work and dating Alex. ("My Balancing Act") In the next episode, drugs go missing and when she and Elliot argue over who stole them, J.D. sides with Alex, infuriating a jealous Elliot. J.D. discovers the missing pills in Alex's purse and finds out about her addiction. He ends their relationship and tries to help her with her problem but she leaves and he never sees her again.("My Drug Buddy")


Alex in Season 8

  • Alex appears in J.D.'s last fantasy in "My Finale". She says "I miss you."

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