Sacred Heart Hospital is the main location in which Scrubs is set. The shooting of scenes in Sacred Heart takes place in an abandoned hospital in Los Angeles.

The HospitalEditar

Sacred Heart Hospital is in an unnamed city in California. The hospital is a private hospital, as most hospitals in America are, which means budgetary problems often arise, which are dealt with throughout the show. The running of the hospital is influenced by the chief of medicine and by a Board of Directors, among which Jordan Sullivan is a member. Dr. Kelso was formerly the chief of medicine but has since retired.

The StaffEditar

All of the main characters on Scrubs work in the Hospital, ranging from Doctors to the Janitor. As the story is based round J.D. the viewer follows the progress of his career, from an intern to an attending, and consequently his interactions with other staff. Such staff include Turk, a surgeon, Elliot Reid, another medic, Carla, a nurse, among many others.