Plantilla:CharacterDr. Percival "Perry" Cox (most commonly referred to as Dr. Cox) is a doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Cox es el doctor ás antiguo del Sacred Heart Hospital y el director de residentes hospital. El Dr. Cox tiene 47 años y es de descendencia irlandesa. Es conocido por ser sarcastico y agrio mentor de J.D.. Dr. Cox hace rutinariamente discuros enfaticos y desprecia a J.D., though his apparently rough treatment of J.D. is intended as conditioning for the rigors and horrors of hospital life, as well as an outlet for Dr. Cox's frustration in his personal life. He is secretly proud of J.D. and thinks he has the potential to become an incredible doctor.

Cox's family is from Pittsburgh. He has a sister Paige, who is a born-again Christian. His father was an abusive alcoholic and his mother did nothing to prevent this behavior. When questioned why his sister is so religious, he says "maybe the TV was broken so she picked up a Bible and found it to be just a darn good read or maybe it has something to do with our mother's ability to watch silently as our dad drunkenly knocked us from room to room." Perry's abusive and traumatic childhood could help explain his intimacy issues and his marriage to Jordan. He and Paige have a hostile and difficult relationship, ostensibly because neither can appreciate the religious and scientific viewpoints held by the other, but it was ultimately revealed that Paige's presence reminded Cox of the troubled childhood that he consistently tried to forget.

Cox was also best friends with Jordan's brother, Ben, and was very shocked when he found out Ben had leukemia, and very saddened when Ben dies.

Dr. Cox has two children by Jordan - a son, Jack, and a daughter, Jennifer Dillon. He has had a vasectomy, reversed it and then had another vasectomy, but it didn't take.


  • He had a crush on Carla and is still very fond of her, but still loves his ex-wife Jordan Sullivan with whom he is in a long-term relationship.
  • He has a love-hate relationship with J.D.. Although it appears as if he tries to crush, and belittle him, he is secretly attempting to act as a mentor to him.
  • He has a bit of a rivalry with Robert Kelso. They have argued over pretty much everything, from promotions, to nurses being fired.
  • Considers Turk "a complete tool", but was pee-buddies with him in My Drug Buddy

Personality ProfileEditar


  • Ben (Jordan's Brother)
  • Scotch on the rocks
  • Sports (specifically the Detroit Red Wings. Also like the New York Giants)
  • J.D. (grudgingly, although he would never tell him)
  • Giving rants
  • Jack
  • Working out (Especially those that involve abs)
  • Jordan (even though he sometimes acts otherwise)
  • Carla
  • Jennifer Dylan (his daughter, named after J.D. by his wife, to piss him off.)
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • The "Welcome Back, Coxer" shirt J.D. made for him in My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu
  • Lee Marvin Movies


  • Dr. Kelso
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Receiving help from others in any form
  • Dane Cook (Asked whether or not anyone in the world found him funny, "My House")
  • Being given nicknames by complete strangers
  • Hope Floats
  • Lester Hendrick (the therapist from My Five Stages).
  • Being wrong
  • Emotions
  • Religion
  • Shrinks
  • Most people
  • Losing patients
  • The Big Discussions
  • White Guys that say "izzle" after their every word.
  • Dr. Pete Fisher ("My Own Private Practice Guy")
  • Private Practice Doctors

Nicknames Editar

  • Buddy Boy
  • Buster Brown
  • Caesar
  • Coxer (as in "Welcome Back, Coxer", a play on '70s TV show "Welcome Back, Kotter" -from My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu).
  • Coxinator
  • Cox of Seagulls (a name J.D. came up with for Dr. Cox when the two of them become "best friends")
  • Coxsmith
  • Coxy
  • Doc
  • Doctor
  • Jesus H. Cox Md.
  • Mop Top (by Jordan in My Dream Job)
  • Per (Short for Perry)
    • PerPer
    • Per-a-rino
  • Pewwy (by his son Jack)
  • The Big Cheese
  • Chief Dr. Cox
  • Numbnuts
  • Mentor


  • He was voted the city's best physician by a "local medical journal".
  • Sports a blue #80 SHOCKEY (Jeremy Shockey) New York Giants NFL game jersey at home when not sporting a Detroit Red Wings game jersey.


  • There is disagreement among Scrubs fans about Dr. Cox's real first name. In episode 2.20, Cox and his wife Jordan were discussing names for their new born baby, with Cox rejecting 'Quinn' and instead suggesting 'a heterosexual name, like Jack.' Jordan responds by saying 'You're right, Percival, Quinn is a foofy name.' This led some Scrubs fans to believe that Cox's first name may actually be Percival, with Perry as a nickname. In episode 4.22, Elliot also referred to Dr. Cox as Percival. But others argue that the use of the name only twice in vague circumstances may not be enough to prove Dr. Percival 'Perry' Cox to be his true name. Also, in episode 5.5, Dr. Cox mocks his sister by saying that "Paige is a stupid name", with her responding that "Perry's worse".
    • Perry is short for Percival (as in Robert:Bob).
    • In one episode, Cox has written his name on a chalkboard. It clearly reads: Perry
    • In the episode My Student he states that he "Prefers Dr. Cox" to his given name.


  • (After talking to J.D., his watch alarm goes off)"Ohh, I'm sorry, that means conversantional time is o-v-e-r. Please exit the area. Please exit the area. Please exit the area."
  • "Well, either this patient has a light-bulb stuck up his ass, or his colon's got a idea."
  • "Re-eee-eally" (Mainly when upset, used in sentence: "I re-eee-eally don't like repeating myself, newbie")
  • Newbie (Used when talking about/to J.D..)
  • Barbie (Used when talking about/to Elliot.)
  • "See, here's the inside scoop" (Used when giving medical advice, usually to Elliot.)
  • "See, HERE'S the thing/deal.." (Often times, right before a rant.)
  • Whistling, to get the attention of either one person, or the whole room that they are in.
  • K'you (Shortened thanK YOU)
  • "Well here's the deal you are what you eat so you clearly must have gone out and devoured a big fat guy!" (used when talking to a patient who was supposed to lose weight but gained several pounds instead)
  • Gandhi (used when talking about/to Turk.)
  • Lurch (used when talking to Janitor)
  • Whaddya say there, Bobbo? (to Kelso)
  • Ah, sorry to interrupt you there, Bobbo, but I gotta ask you a quick question. Now, when you were born, nay, *spawned* by the Dark Prince himself, did that rat bastard forget to give you a hug before he sent you along your way? Because you can't just let two good nurses go on account of feeling small and insignificant. And besides, with your money, you ought to be able to keep a little man tucked away in the closet, and bring him out whenever you wanna *knock* him around, huh?
  • Dr. Cox: [on the phone] Sure, Jordan, you can take over the master bathroom. Just make sure you leave my sleeping pills out. So that I could, you know, swallow about 300 of them...
  • Dr. Cox: [explaining he doesn't care it's JD's last week of residency] I suppose I could riff a list of things that I care as little about as our last week. Let's see... low carb diets, Michael Moore, the Republican National Convention, Kabbalah & all Kabbalah-related products, Hi-Def TV, the Bush daughters, wireless hotspots, the OC, the UN, recycling, getting Punk'd, Danny Gans, the Latin Grammys, the real Grammys, Jeff that Wiggle that sleeps too darn much, the Yankees payroll, all the red states, all the blue states, every hybrid car, every talk show, everything on the planet, everything in the solar system, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything every-everything that exists past present & future, in discovered and undiscovered dimensions! Oh! And Hugh Jackman.
  • Dr. Cox: You know, Bobbo, you remind me of the fairy tale about the race between the tortise aand the pain in the ass chief of medicine that everybody hates. See, it seems that the pain in the ass chief of medicine that everybody hates kept darting out in front of the tortise all the way to the finish line, where the tortise bit clean through the chief of medicine's calf muscle and dragged him to the ground, where he and all the other tortises devoured him alive, right there on the race track.
  • Dr.Cox:(giving hard time to Elliot) For God sake Barbie! Are you real doctor or you doctor the way Dr.Pepper is a doctor?!?
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